Why Trump as President is Like Dating a Sociopath

Bradley:  I just watched the "Map of your Brain" video and the song/performance captures something perfect about the end of 2016.

Me: Yeah... except no one dies at the end.

Bradley: Is it just me or could every lyric and every exploited conceptual moment in the video fit perfectly when I imagine that we are all singing this song to Donald Trump?

Me:  It's NOT just you; it's you and every woman who's ever dated a sociopath...

Me: The good news is that as those poor Rockettes become the proverbial "Spoonful of Sugar" that the Mormons sing us into swallowing down on Jan. 20, we can take comfort in the fact that we soon will no longer need maps because, as Chomsky says (and I'm paraphrasing), "We're doomed!"

Artwork by: Chaz and Lola

Music Video by: Laura Spector

"Map of Your Brain" by: The Perfectly Violent Dream with Becca Ayers 

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